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Exam Monitor

Exam Monitor is an it-system that has developed for digital exam, in order to discourage from cheating.

Prior to exam, the student has to start the java based program Exam Monitor on his/her computer. The Exam Monitor client takes screendumps at random interval, and logs the processes that run on the computer. Data is stored centrally placed secure server.

This means that any exchange of information with other persons during exam is likely to be logged.

Exam Monitor only monitors files and processes that are active on the computer. Content in the file system is not monitored, if it is not opened during the exam. After exam the client stops, and monitoring does no longer take place. The student can log in to the server after exam, and see his/her own data. The data is kept for up to 5 years, and then deleted automatically.


You must login to access reports from Exam Monitor.


Reports are visible as soon as the exam stops and the Exam Monitor program has been switched off.


Exam monitor does the following on random intervals when running


Exam Monitor registers with screenshots what is happening on the client.


Exam Monitor check the content of the computer clipboard (copy/paste-function).


Registers clients network interface configuration i.e. ip configuration and mac addresses.


Exam Monitor verifies that it has connection to the central server.


Exam Monitor registers running processes on the clients.


The client detect whether it runs in a virtualized environment.


Communication between the client and server is encrypted. Access to registered information is only via secure protocols.

Cross platform

The client runs on most common desktop platform - Windows, Mac and Linux.

Frequently asked questions

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How does Exam Monitor work

Exam Monitor takes screendumps with random interval. Furthermore, Exam Monitor logs all programs running on your computer.
Yes, it stops by itself when the exam stops. Nothing is installed on your computer, you have to start Exam Monitor every time you must use it.
No, Exam Monitor can only monitor your computer when you are logged into an exam.


See   this page for recommendations and requirements. Futhermore your computer must support JAVA webstart.
Test your system   JAVA webstart test
It is your responsibility to test Exam Monitor on your computer a week before exam, and get help if it doesn’t work.
You will be asked to start Exam Monitor prior to exam. If it doesn’t start, there will be time to get help. Contact an invigilator.
If Exam Monitor stops/crashes during exam you must immediately raise your hand and contact an invigilator to get help. It will be against the rules if you continue writing without Exam Monitor.
At the Servicedesk or Student services. During exam always contact the invigilators.
There will be a test exam, that is always open. Enter DEMO as course.


SDU is using Exam Monitor in order to detect possible cheating during examinations according to Eksamensbekendtgørelsen Artikel 6, stk. 1 c) and e) and Artikel 9, stk. 2 f).
You are entitled to have screenshots that displays sensitive and/or confidential personal data (see https://www.sdu.dk/da/om_sdu/om_dette_websted/databeskyttelse) removed from your reports, unless the same slides contain evidence of irregularities in that exam. Write to servicedesk@sdu.dk, with an indication of which slides you want to have removed, and the reason why you want them removed.
SDU employs a data protection officer (DPO) who advises employees and students about legislation and rules for data protection. You can contact SDU’s data protection officer, at dpo@sdu.dk, if you have any questions concerning SDU’s handling of your personal information.
A very limited number of administrative employees working with quality and credible of exams have access. In case of suspected cheating teaching staff will be involved, and can get access to a subset of the material.
The data is kept for up to 5 years, and then deleted. The data is kept for this period to document irregularities for all exam a student has participated in.
Click this button Login and login with your SDU account. Here you can see your own data from exams within the last 6 months. Data is stored on equipment owned by University of Southern Denmark.


Yes. You will not be allowed to participate in an exam where Exam Monitor is required, without using it.
Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet) is in charge of this. Registered individuals can file a complaint concerning the processing of their data with the Danish Data Protection Agency dt@datatilsynet.dk.


Question about Exam Monitor not answered by the FAQ feel free to contact SDU

E-mail: servicedesk@sdu.dk

Phone: +45 6550 2990